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Lauren is an actress, writer, and filmmaker originating from Indianapolis, Indiana. After years of theatre in Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Chicago, Lauren made the move out west to focus on film and television. Lauren has trained with Diana Castle for 4 years and recognizes her as one of the biggest influences in her personal and professional life.


She loves to write and produce her own projects and is currently in the development stage for her first feature film called “Freedom Lovers” in which she will star. It’s based off of the short film by the same name that Lauren felt inspired to write after the tragic school shooting that happened at Sandy Hook.


Lauren loves improv and sketch comedy which is most evident in her “Southern Suze” series. She has completed Improv 101 at UCB and plans to make her way up the entire ladder of The Groundlings in 2016.


Lauren has a blog on WordPress called “Lonely Lover Lo” and is a guest blogger for the sites “Elite Millennial” and “Elite Daily” in which she shares her thoughts and advice about love and relationships. She is currently writing a television pilot based off of these entries.


Lauren also has a passion for music and singing. She taught herself some basic guitar and loves to cover current pop songs on her YouTube channel. She studied musical theatre at Indiana University and has years of vocal training. You can catch her performing karaoke all over Los Angeles.


Lauren is often told she looks like a young Sharon Stone, which she always appreciates, and coincidentally she feels as though Sharon Stone’s character in “Casino” is the type of role she was born to play.


Lauren loves films and counts among her favorites: “Shame”, “Casino”, “The Godfather I and II”, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, “Her”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Bridesmaids”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Scarface”, “The Social Network”, “American Beauty”, “Win/Win”, and “Girl, Interrupted” just to name a few.


Jessica Chastian and Al Pacino are her favorite actors and she hopes to act alongside them one day.